LGF Constitution

Liverpool Governance Forum Constitution

1. Name

1.1. The name of this body shall be The Liverpool Governance Forum (hereinafter called LGF).

2. Purpose and Objectives

2.1. To work in partnership with relevant groups and associations in order to support schools and raise educational achievement of all children in Liverpool schools.
2.2. To be the representative body for those responsible for governance at all levels in Liverpool schools.
2.3. To provide a forum for discussion and mutual assistance.
2.4. To promote best practice in fulfilling statutory and other responsibilities with sensitivity.
2.5. To raise awareness of educational issues.
2.6. To provide a basis for pursuing common ideals and objectives.
2.7. To offer a regular conference for those responsible for governance to network, to share best practice and to drive up standards in Liverpool schools.

3. Membership

3.1. Membership shall be open to all governing boards and trusts of schools in Liverpool.
3.2. Liverpool schools shall be defined as those within the geographical area served by Liverpool Local Authority.
3.3. Voting membership shall be open to all schools and trusts that have paid their annual membership fee.
3.4. LGF, as a body, shall have no political affiliations.

4. Conduct of LGF Business

4.1. There shall be an Annual General Meeting (AGM) each year, papers for which shall be circulated not less than seven days before the date of the meeting.
4.2. Each AGM shall elect a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer and no more than 12 other members to form the Executive Committee.
4.3. The Executive Committee shall manage the affairs of LGF.
4.4. Election to the Executive Committee shall be open to serving members of boards responsible for governance in schools in Liverpool, including trust boards and their delegated local governing boards.
4.5. Election to the Executive Committee shall be by nomination, including self-nomination, followed, if necessary, by a ballot of those with voting rights present at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting.
4.6. The ballot may be secret if agreed by a simple majority of members present.
4.7. Executive Committee membership shall be limited to one member from any one school at the time of the election.
4.8. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called either at the request of the Executive Committee or at the written request of 10% of the member schools. Notice of the meeting, together with an agenda, shall be circulated to all members at least seven days before the meeting.

5. Conduct of Executive Committee Business

5.1. The Executive Committee shall meet at least half-termly to conduct its business.
5.2. The agenda and supporting papers for committee meetings shall be circulated not less than seven days before the date of the meeting.
5.3. Each governing board/trust shall have one vote, but may have up to three members present at meetings.
5.4. The Executive Committee shall have the authority to form working parties and/or sub-committees.
5.5. The Executive Committee shall determine the membership, voting rights and extent of delegation of powers to its working parties and/or sub-committees.
5.6. Decisions of the working parties and/or sub-committees shall be subject to ratification by the Executive Committee.
5.7. The Committee shall have the right to co-opt Associate Members to its working parties and/or sub-committees, without voting rights and providing they are serving members of boards responsible for governance in Liverpool schools.
5.8. An Executive Committee member may resign at any time. Such vacancies may be filled by co-option until the next annual general meeting
5.9. The Executive Committee may remove any member who, without its consent, does not attend meetings or send apologies, or report on meetings attended as a representative of LGF, for a period of 6 months.

6. Funding

6.1. During each year LGF shall collect membership fees from its members.
6.2. Such membership fees shall be proposed by the Executive Committee and ratified at the AGM.
6.3. Such membership fees shall be collected by the Treasurer and used for payment of operational expenses.
6.4. The accounting period for LGF shall commence on 1st September of each year.
6.5. LGF shall manage its finances in accordance with its agreed Finance and Operating Manual.
6.6. The Treasurer shall keep an account of all income and expenditure and submit independently examined accounts in an agreed format to the AGM.
6.7. An Honorary Independent Examiner shall be appointed annually by the Executive Committee to examine the accounts.
6.8. LGF shall not go into debt whether through overdraft, loan or debtors.

7. Amendments to the Constitution

7.1. Subject to 28 days’ notice in writing to the Hon Secretary, the rules of the constitution may be amended by a resolution of a two-thirds majority of members present at an AGM or EGM.

8. Dissolution

8.1. A resolution for dissolution of LGF may be approved at an AGM or EGM by a simple of those members present.
8.2. Any assets remaining, after discharge of liabilities, shall be donated to educational charities. The charities shall be nominated by the Executive Committee and details circulated, with the dissolution papers, to members.

Updated: 25/10/2023